Hey. Do people still post their schedules on tumblr? Cuz here’s mine for next semester:


1:30 - 6:30
Animation IV
Steve Subotnick
Rm 721, Rm 713


8:00 - 1:00
Toolbox II
Daniel Rowe
Rm 330


2:00 - 6:00
Design for Animators Two
Leland Burke
Rm 613


8:00 - 1:00
Stop Motion Animation I
Flip Johnson
East Hall, Rm FLM 2

You guys get stop motion animation???? I should come and spend a semester with you guys, we haven’t offered it in two years!!

It’s a requirement here.


Here’s the thing.


Transphobes will still hate trans people regardless of how nice we are.

Queerphobes will hate queer people regardless of how nice we are.

Sexists will still hate women regardless of how nice we are.

Racists will still hate people of color regardless of how nice we are.

It doesn’t matter what we say or how we say it, they will still hate. And if your “support” is totally dependent on oppressed people’s tone and attitude, then you weren’t a supporter to begin with.

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TiA claims over and over again that according to their sidebar that harassment of anyone they have labeled an “SJW” couldn’t possibly be happening.

Several visible figures on tumblr have been stalked, harassed, recieved tons of hatemail. When someone gets called out they know damned well they can go post their blog on TiA and invite a shitload of harassment to that user— and that is what they have been doing.  Several Anti-SJ users on tumblr swear up and down on their mother’s eyes that the stalking, harassment, gore, hatemail and threats that users get flooded with every time they are featured on TiA is just a coincidence.

Clearly, you motherfuckers are full of shit.

Each of the users in this gallery has plenty of said harassment in their archive and this is still only a sample of them all. I will continue taking screenshots and updating this post as often as possible.

Here is the thread from TiA where they gloat about continuing the harassment and how the mods will do absolutely nothing about it.

What can you do to help?

You can send a message to the administrators at Reddit.com right here.

What should you include? Evidence (preferably screenshots) of TiA users flooding blogs here, where these Imgur images prove that each of them came from TumblrInAction.

Here is a gallery of TiA users on Reddit (who have incidentally all harassed so-called “SJWs”. Look them up and enjoy their archives!) outing themselves as breaking the rules of the subreddit that the Racist/Anti Feminist moderators only pretend to enforce.

Here are the rules if you want to laugh.

Why do I say “pretend”? This blog right here, “I dont need feminism” belongs to one of the moderators of TiA. Check her archive. Have fun. i-dont-need-feminism is where you wanna go.

If you have been harassed, i suggest you get an IP logger for your blog. Obviously, the one thing these assholes got right is that you can’t do much with an IP. (Which we all know) However, the IP log will give you the referring link.

If it says reddit.com/r/tumblrInAction TAKE A SCREENSHOT!!! Send a message to the Reddit administration immediately.

Microwave them. Do not hesitate to send a message.

TumblrInAction is nothing but a tool for racists, sexists, anti-feminist, slacktivist Egalitarians and MRAs to do nothing other than intimidate, stalk and swarm anybody on Tumblr who dares to be a Feminist, womanist, anti-racist or even just someone who’s not straight, white or cis. It does NOT take much to get their entire hive after you.

How can you protect yourself?


What do they search for? See here. Avoid these tags, or, try to use alternative tags.

Tags you should be cautious about using

In closing, TiA users will swear up and fucking down that they would never harass or threaten anybody but we’ve all known that’s not true from the get-go and now we have proof that Reddit users on TiA use tumblr indeed to harass. They all found Laurelai’s blog through Tia, swarmed her as they have swarmed me and most of us in the past and, as most of us know, once you’re highlighted on TiA you can expect months and months of racial slurs, rape threats, suicide dares and more peppering your inbox.

Ignore Anti-SJs/Egalitarians/MRAs/Neo Nazis(They’re all the same crowd) when they reblog from you even if you know that they’re coming from TiA. Get the screenshot of the IP/referral link, include the link to their tumblr and send the message in to the admins using the link above. If you can help it? Do no engage. It’s not worth it and in some ways it may be dangerous. If you hang out on meta-Reddit you know which communities intersect at Tia. Lots of hyper conservatives, white nationalists, anti feminists, neckbeards and generally angry White guys looking for someone to intimidate into silence.

STAY SAFE FOLKS! Constant vigilance, and all that jazz!!

Never forget the most useless suggestion of all, though you should do it anyway: Check your activity feed for Anti-SJWs, ignore them and be sure to report them for harassment.


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"Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortion!"

Yes why do you think I bought 15 boxes of thin mints. 

Yes, but Girl Scout shouldn’t be a thing, it should just be Scouting of America!!

Girls Scouts became a thing because guys could not and still cannot handle women in their troops defend the girl scouts to the fucking death because we aren’t equal and taking away safe spaces for young girls won’t achieve that either 

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activate jesus vision

jesus vision






activate jesus vision

jesus vision


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Things that need to stop being in kid shows.

"I can’t lose to a girl"

"I can’t believe I lost to a girl"

"you let a girl beat you"

If you keep showing these types of mindsets to kids they’re going to think they should think that way as well.

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The NYPD tweeted its followers to upload memorable photos of them with NYPD officers. This is what they got:


Best thing to happen on twitter yet. 

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So annoyed that I wasn’t born into a time that had CLASS, when men were men, women were women, we were both aristocrats and killed peasants indiscriminately

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